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France Launches Online Campaign to Deter Would-Be Jihadists

Three weeks after deadly attacks rocked the country, authorities began an Web campaign to dissuade would-be jihadists from joining terror groups.

Smart Mattress Cover Warms Your Bed, Tracks Your Sleep

The Internet of Things has made its way into a lot of homes already, but the Luna is one of the first devices to get all the way into the bed.

Facebook Users Are Increasingly Going Mobile

Facebook says more than eight of every 10 people who use its service now do so on a mobile device.

Natural Disaster? Cyborg Cockroaches to the Rescue

Researchers have harnessed nature's most enduring survivor, the cockroach. By outfitting the insects with remote controls and audio sensors, scientists can use the bugs to explore disaster sites and find survivors.

FAA: Super Bowl is ‘No Drone Zone’

Hoping to buzz Tom Brady with a drone during the Super Bowl? Too bad.

Microsoft’s Cortana Picks Patriots to Win Super Bowl

Will Tom Brady and the New England Patriots defeat the Seattle Seahawks in NFL Super Bowl XLIX? Cortana thinks so.

How Games like Trivia Crack Get Inside Your Head

Quick, before you start this article, isn't there time for a quick round of Trivia Crack?

Happy ‘Data Privacy Day,’ Now Lock Your Cellphone

No one plans to lose their cellphone, but if it happens and the phone isn't locked, the consequences can be devastating.

2015: The year UK plc embraces mobility according to Olive Communications report

UK businesses plan widespread adoption of smartphones
Early adopters see net ROI and are keen to recommend approach
Emerging trends include desktop videoconferencing, FMC and CYOD
Adoption of cloud-based tech finally becomes a reality for UK plc
UK ...

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