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Mobile Ads Give Facebook Big Boost

Facebook posted sharply higher earnings as revenue from mobile advertising continued to grow, and more people used it, more often.

Automatic Parachute Could Slow Crashing Drones

Drones and remote-controlled copters are pretty safe, but if something goes wrong, it'd be nice to have a little insurance on board.

What is the Six Californias Plan?

A Silicon Valley-based tech entrepreneur has a plan to fix all of California's problems by dividing it up into six new states.

New App Aims To Block Hot-Car Kid Deaths

A new app seeks to remind parental drivers of two critical facts: They have a child in the vehicle and it’s hot outside.

Can the Cops Cuff You For Filming an Arrest?

Two recent smart-phone videos offered viral replays in full color, but laws allowing citizen’s to film arrests are steeped in one murky tone: gray.

Seven Arrested in StubHub Cyberfraud Case

A cybercrime ring allegedly hacked into StubHub users' accounts and fraudulently bought tickets to concerts and otehr events.

Humans Mistaken For Machines During Turing Tests

No machine has yet succeeded to reliably convince people it's real — and in fact, a few humans have failed, too, as a new study points out.

Facebook and Twitter Aim to Tap E-Commerce Market

The social networking sites are testing out "buy" buttons in an effort to tap into the $304 billion that estimates show will be spent on e-commerce this year.

Tim Cook: Businesses Could Pull iPad Sales Out of Slump

Although iPad sales were below analyst projections for a second straight quarter, Cook says the tablet can continue to grow.

Social Media: Where’s the Satisfaction?

Social media may be extremely popular, but these are some of the worst-performing companies tracked by the American Customer Satisfaction Index.