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Shazam for the Birds: New App Names That Tweet

Can't tell the difference between a mistle thrush and a chaffinch, a parakeet and a pigeon? A mobile app is in the works that can identify bird songs.

Eptica continues double digit growth in Q3 2014

Software company increases investment in R&D and expands customer base

Reading and Singapore, 31st October 2014, Global multichannel customer interaction software company Eptica today announced that its Q3 2014 revenue jumped 17% on the same period in ...

Re: Most Amazing Tiny Homes

Airplane interiors engineer for Boeing, Steve Sauer combined custom furniture from Ikea and West Elm to get the most out of his 182-square-foot home. Inspired by boats, S...

Re: Most Amazing Tiny Homes

How do you make a tiny New York City apartment into a livable 240-square foot space with a sleeping loft? You enlist the help of Brooklyn architect Tim Seggerman, who ren...

Re: Most Amazing Tiny Homes

Polish architect Jakub Szczesny claims to have built the world's narrowest house, just 122 centimeters across at its widest point. The Keret House is squeezed into a crev...

Re: Most Amazing Tiny Homes

This article is all about pretty tiny apartments, but we were absolutely blown away when we came across New Yorker Felice Cohen's itty bitty, teensy weensy, 90 sq. ft. st...

Flying Cars Looking to Revolutionize Your Commute

This flying car is lightweight and efficient enough to soar across the country, and small enough to fit into the parking spot at work.

Question Mark: Facebook’s Zuckerberg Plans Public Q&A

Have a burning question for Mark Zuckerberg? Next Thursday, he might answer it.

Will Tim Cook Pave the Way for Other Gay CEOs?

As one of the most powerful tech executives in the world, Cook holds a unique position from which he can show the way for other gay corporate leaders.

Denver Teens Chatted Online With ISIS: Report

Three Denver teens became radicalized online and chatted with an ISIS recruiter for a year before their attempted flight to Syria, report says.