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This Just In! 80 Years of Newsreels Now Free To Watch on YouTube

Before YouTube, before the Internet, before even TV, the way people got their news presented visually was through newsreels shown at movie theaters. Now British Pathe, the premier archive of these newsreels, has brought things full circle by putting its 80-year collection online for free.

New Feature Lets Your Facebook Friends Know When You’re Nearby

You “Like” the photos of your friends’ babies, comment on their status updates and tag yourself in their photos. Now you can find out where they are IRL (in real life, duh) with “Nearby Friends,” launched on Thursday by Facebook.

All the Joe You Can Drink for $45/Month; There’s an App for That

New Yorkers can get a subscription for their caffeine addiction — and for now, it’s free.A startup and app called "CUPS" gives subscribers unlimited coffee or tea for $45 a month at dozens of independent coffee shops in Manhattan and around the boroughs.

New App Lets You Control Desktop with Your Phone

Forget your files at home? Google has come up with nifty solution to that problem with the Chrome Remote Desktop app.It gives you remote access to your laptop or desktop through your Android phone or tablet.

Hipster Showdown: Redditors Call ‘First’ on Everything

Oh, you look at websites? Yeah, I have been doing that since the Netscape days, while riding a fixed gear bike and growing a mustache before anybody even knew what those things were.On Reddit, users have been boasting about their hipster cred in a thread called, “What was your hipster moment?

Landfill on the High Seas: Why’s the Ocean Full of Trash?

The search for flight MH370 that has now entered its second month and covered tremendous swaths of ocean has brought attention to a pressing environmental issue: the tons of trash floating in the sea.Searchers have found hundreds of objects floating in the remote waters.

Twitter Unveils Its Version of Facebook’s Big Money-Maker

Twitter's newest bid to make even more money — “app install” ads, a newish format that has been a giant hit for Facebook.

NoemaLife Strengthens Clinical Expertise With Appointment Of New Clinical Lead

Stamford, 17 April 2014 NoemaLife, an expert provider of workflow automation and process management solutions for the health sector, has strengthened its clinical expertise with the appointment of a new clinical lead.

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Pay With Your Hand: Technology Offers New Checkout Option

NBC’s Keir Simmons reports on new technology being developed at Lund University in Sweden that lets you pay for items with a simple scan of your palm print.

New Jersey Teens Who Shared ‘Sexts’ Accused of Child Porn

Police urge parents to explain to their children that sending, taking and sharing of naked photos of juveniles is a crime.